3 Yoga Poses for Swimmers to Strengthen Your Underwater Dolphin Kick

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A consistent yoga practice developed for swimmers can help you enhance your underwater dolphin kick as a result of mobility and toughness as very well as breath awareness and potential

The fifth stroke in swimming, as it is now known as, is just one of the biggest figuring out variables of results or failure in practically each and every race. To excel at this skill you want to operate on your: 

  1. Spinal Mobility 
  2. Hip Mobility 
  3. Ankle Mobility 
  4. Main Strength 
  5. Streamline Position 
  6. Breath Control 

The undulating movement of the dolphin kick calls for a excellent deal of mobility in both the hips and spine. To use the electricity that this movement can potentially develop you will need to have main energy and ankle mobility. 

To apply the electricity that this motion creates you have to have to have main energy and ankle mobility. 

A pose that will assistance you acquire all three is a variation of the traditional cat cow.. 

Yoga Poses for Swimmers – Cat Cow with Ankle Mobility 

yoga poses for swimmers


  • Commence in a desk top rated place (on arms and knees)
  • On an inhale carry your tailbone, arch your spine, bring your upper body and chin ahead though bringing your heels in the direction of your seat and curling your toes toward your shins
  • On an exhale position the best of your ft down on the floor, fall your tailbone, round your spine, drop your head and push the prime of your feet down lifting your knees and stretching the entrance of the ankles

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=8x9pokhTwc0

Your core is what packs the punch to produce velocity in your dolphin kick. You will need to have mobility to apply the power of your core, which need to initiate the movement. Along with cat/cow, boat pose will each maximize the energy and balance of your main which you can then apply to make a lot more energy in your kick.

Yoga Poses for Swimmers – Boat to Canoe

yoga poses for swimmers


  • Commence in a seated placement with your heels on the ground, toes curled again in direction of your shins, knees bent and legs alongside one another
  • Lengthen the backbone from the tailbone to the crown of the head, carry your upper body forward and participating your main
  • Position your fingers at your sides with the palms facing the ceiling 
  • Dependent on your main energy you can: 
    • Continue to be in the placement explained higher than
    • Shift your fat onto your seat bringing your feet off of the ground
    • Bring the legs in direction of straight with your toes pointed
    • Prolong your arms reaching in direction of your toes
  • On an exhale slowly reduced both equally your legs and upper entire body to the ground with control
    • Possibility to deliver the arm overhead coming into a streamline hovering the arms and legs above the ground
  • On an inhale increase back up to your boat pose

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=KWNpScFG-ug

Building power is a single component of making sure you have swift underwaters, another is cutting down drag in the drinking water. Producing pace is a person thing, obtaining a excellent streamline is another. You are heading to want to do both to get the most out of your kick.

There are many areas to tackle to strengthen your capacity to create an helpful streamline situation with one particular of them remaining guaranteeing you can lengthen via your lats. 

Child’s pose will assistance you do just that. 

Yoga Poses for Swimmers – Child’s Pose 

Yoga for Swimmers


  • Start on your knees
  • Location the leading of the ft on the floor with your massive toes with each other knees can be out huge or with each other
  • Fold forward at your hips bringing your head down on to the mat
  • Allow for your seat to drop again toward your heels
  • Entirely lengthen your arms out in front of you
  • As soon as you appear to comprehensive extension push down into the floor with your finger recommendations and feel as if you are pulling the mat back in the direction of your arm pits. As you do this you need to really feel your shoulder blades glide down in direction of your hips
  • If your head is not achieving the mat or the pose feels to uncomfortable in the shoulders, simply just location a folded blanket, towel, ebook, or yoga block beneath your brow. The pose will get additional comfortable about time.


Breath on Rely (inhale for 4 exhale for 6 and keep for 2) 

The final ingredient you’ll want to work on to carry this all alongside one another is breath management. With increased management of your breath arrives a  larger skill to tolerate ranges of carbon dioxide. 

The pursuing breathing exercise is a wonderful way to acquire that skill.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=MpFfT2GQfA0


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