Ex-University of Alabama learners recall exciting times at Tutwiler dorm

By August 2022, the distinct Tutwiler dorm on the University of Alabama campus will be demolished, and the below-construction Tutwiler Residence Hall will be opened for students, just upcoming door.

The splayed-Y modernist 1968 tower, 13 stories tall but superstitiously leaping from ground 12 to 14, stood out by extra than peak, in architecturally common surroundings. Comparatively shallow floor-to-flooring distances would have produced restoring and bringing up to code the out-of-date electrical and plumbing units unachievable, value-prohibitive.

Other deferred servicing difficulties, and the urge to revamp the aesthetics of that block, highly visible not just to drivers and pedestrians on an typical working day, but to hundreds of thousands visiting nearby Bryant-Denny Stadium on football game weekends, played into the selection to bring it down, and reconstruct an all-new dorm.

08-08-09- Tuscaloosa, Ala- Susie Condara applies a picture frame to her dorm wall using adhesive tape in Tutwiler Dorm Saturday August 8, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Ala.(Michael E. Palmer/Tuscaloosa News)

The new for 2022 Tutwiler will incorporate all contemporary connectivity conveniences, along with up to date security systems, analyze and meeting areas, and a multi-use space significant ample to provide as a FEMA-rated storm shelter for all residences. Tutwiler will keep the double-occupancy set up, however gang bogs shared by complete flooring will be long gone, as every pair of roomies will have their possess.

Former college students who lived in Tutwiler above the many years shared memories, from the poignant to the absurd, of their instances dwelling in the 2nd UA residence corridor to be named for education and jail reformer Julia Tutwiler.