How To Ensure It Is Safe For Your Child

Tylenol’s generic title is Acetaminophen and it is utilized to deal with fever and gentle to moderate soreness. So no matter whether you use Tylenol for teething/ Tylenol for teething child at night or whatsoever is prescribed by the health care provider is unquestionably harmless when –


  • Offered in the proper dosages (according to weight & age)
  • Supplied at the correct intervals of time


If any of these are skipped, then Tylenol can be the trigger of liver destruction or even liver failure.


If your child is using any other medication, when you commence giving them Tylenol as effectively, make positive that the other remedies do not incorporate Acetaminophen, as it can cause an in excess of dosage. Administering the drugs at ideal intervals is also necessary.


Several cough & chilly medicines include Tylenol for case in point –

  • Benadryl Allergy and Cold Tablets (325 mg)
  • Sudafed PE Nighttime Maximum Toughness Tablets (325 mg)
  • Theraflu Nighttime Intense Cold and Cough Powder (650 mg)
  • Tylenol Additionally Children’s Cold and Allergy Suspension
  • Tylenol Sore Throat Nighttime Liquid
  • Tylenol Chest Congestion Liquid


Observe: Several of these medications mention Acetaminophen as ‘APAP’ in their content material record, which lots of mom and dad might not be in a position to determine. So make sure you be alert and conscious of the content in advance of administering extra than 1 medicine to your baby.


Acetaminophen overdose instances resulting in liver problems are also observed in grown ups. In truth, a modern examine conducted by Larson & colleagues located that “Tylenol toxicity was the top result in of acute liver failure in grownups in the United States.” Of the researched 662 adults with acute liver failure, 42% of the circumstances were brought about by Acetaminophen overdose.


We however say Tylenol is protected and pretty helpful when no home remedies do the job for teething soreness. But we do emphasize on the great importance of the right amount of dosage and time intervals amongst two dosages. That’s why most mom and dad all around the entire world are quite relaxed and vouch for Tylenol for teething toddler at evening and even throughout the working day.


Tylenol, with the 160mg/5mL toughness and dosages based mostly on the excess weight of the child is frequently harmless for infants. Having said that, if you want to be doubly safe and sound about it, communicate to your medical doctor about dosage suggestions.

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