Insalata di Riso Recipe — Italian Rice Salad — Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly, Frugal and Adaptable

My pal Juli of Pandemonium Noshery and I have been bonding about our enjoy of intercontinental frugal cooking (amid other factors) for a few decades already, and I’ve shared a several of her recipes listed here presently. She conjures up me in the kitchen. Given that I’ve been sensation overwhelmed a little bit (ok a lot) lately I questioned Juli if she had an additional recipe she required to share with you, and she had this delectable looking one particular. I can not wait to attempt it out.

Hey! It is Juli once more and I am so satisfied to be in this article. I wished to share some thing we have been feeding on all summer prolonged. Interestingly, I first heard about the dish in a local cooking team Penny extra me to several years back, so it seems only fitting that she is allowing me share it with you all.

So what is Insalata di Riso? Perfectly, it translates to rather substantially what it appears to be like like, Rice Salad. It is an Italian Dish that is eaten by way of the summer months for a light-weight food. But I’ve identified it is terrific all yr round, specifically when you want one thing scrumptious and straightforward to make. It’s also great as a leftover makeover and a fridge cleaner. I enjoy making use of this recipe as a way to use up leftover rice that I may well not have sufficient of for a whole food on its very own, or I want to elevate it, or both of those.

As I mentioned it is terrific for cleaning out the fridge as well. Most of the particular person goods you only require a minimal of and not any just one of them is likely to make or crack. It’s the wide variety of pickled objects and refreshing veggies that are the coronary heart of this dish. Occasionally I swap all over the tomatoes, have a handful of cherry tomatoes? Throw them in! Leftover chopped salami? That as well! Definitely, it’s excellent for soon after a bash when you have leftover charcuterie. I have a local charcuterie business so I have these goods on hand, when I get lower or want to use things up, or have a occasion, I chop up all the additional tidbits on hand and have a complete new meal. Any kind of olives perform, something further you have pickled on your board can be thrown in. Use it all! 

If you you should not have pickled artichokes that is fine if you have frozen artichoke hearts you can consider cubing them and tossing them in.

Vinegar is just about anything you have on hand and like, I use a quite not Italian vinegar and choose for German 13 herb vinegar. The extra flavors in there definitely go so well with it all. Having said that, if I really do not have it on hand I can say from knowledge that white vinegar and apple cider vinegar each do the job.

Insalata di Riso Recipe — Italian Rice Salad — Gluten Absolutely free, Allergy Helpful, Frugal and Adaptable


2-3 cups freshly cooked or leftover rice (see underneath)
2/4 cup sliced olives, any range
4 environmentally friendly onions
1/2 compact red onion, thinly sliced
1 small tomato, chopped
1 carrot, minced
1/4 cup peas, frozen
1 (14 oz.) jar marinated artichoke hearts, drained (optional but recommended can be replaced with chopped frozen artichoke)
2-3 tablespoons cornichon or pickles, chopped
1 lengthy pepper, sliced, or other non spicy pepper, diced
1 handful parsley, chopped
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar
1-2 cloves garlic, grated
1/4 teaspoon salt
Sprint black pepper

Optional extras

Grated or minced challenging cheese
Really hard-boiled eggs
Diced, remedied, meats
Flaked Tuna


1. Protect the carrots with drinking water and microwave for 1 moment or simmer right until somewhat tender but not fully comfortable.

2. Whisk jointly the olive oil, vinegar, garlic, salt, and pepper.

3. Add all of the vegetables to the dressing and toss to coat.

4. Cook rice and permit it amazing down so that it is really not hot, or use leftover rice and microwave it with a little bit of drinking water to steam it and then enable it amazing down once more. You can also use leftover cold rice, but its much better if you do this to start with.

5. Add the rice and toss again, making positive that the vegetables we evenly dispersed.

6. Incorporate any extras you want to incorporate just after the rice and vegetables are very well-blended.

7. Serve immediately.


Have you at any time built a thing like this right before? What do you set in yours? Does this seem like a recipe you would check out?