Inside the Metal Galaxy: why Babymetal have the most devoted fans on the planet

Metal Hammer line break

The stars of this month’s Metal Hammer magazine, Babymetal may have only broke overseas in 2014, but this year marks ten years of a phenomenon. Exploding onto the scene with the YouTube sensation Gimme Chocolate!! (currently sitting on over 142,000,000 views), Babymetal outgrew their quirky curio reputation as they won over crowds thousands at a time, spreading from country to country in a global conquest not seen since the likes of Slipknot or Iron Maiden. 

Wherever Babymetal go, their fans are sure to follow – their fanbase a truly global army dedicated to deciphering the mysteries of the Fox God and pouring over the incredible mythology that develops with every new song, video and show. We caught up with some of these superfans to find just why they might be metal’s true saviours.

Babymetal fans

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Pru from West Sussex, UK

Babymetal memorabilia adorns every wall of superfan Pru’s bedroom, from flags and Hammer covers to vinyl, posters and Funko Pops – Pru having built literal shrines to the group. As But, Babymetal are more than canny merchandisers – for fans like Pru they offer representation and inspiration, a reminder that metal icons can come in all shapes and sizes.

I decided to cover one wall with Babymetal. I figured it’d stay up for about a year

When did you first hear Babymetal?