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Olive the cat wanting attention
I tried to generate my morning web pages, but Olive had other ideas.

Olive has framework to her existence. She has a plan that she carefully follows.

5 a.m. She munches a little bit of dry food stuff.

5:10 a.m. Olive jumps on the bed to snuggle in and sleeps with us and stays on the bed after we get up.

9 a.m. She goes to her grassy patch and watches birds through the sliding glass doorway.

10 a.m. She sleeps on the rug in the sunlight.

11 a.m. Olive enters my husband’s office to jump on his lap.

2 p.m. Olive walks into the casita and wants me to end composing. She wishes me to go through or watch Tv set on the sofa so she can lay down on my abdomen.

4 p.m. It’s time for Friskies ‘Lil Soup. It is a take care of I give her after I get in touch with “Kitty Soup” and she answers “Meow-oup.”

And on it goes.

Yesterday there was no kitty on our bed. She didn’t snuggle us. She did not consider to get on my lap although I wrote my morning internet pages. She was not on her grassy patch or in my husband’s workplace.

She walked nonchalantly into the Casita a handful of several hours afterwards and stood less than the conclusion desk by the couch. From there she stared at me. Then she walked away and we have not found her given that.

I really feel like I’m finding the cold shoulder from our cat. I ponder what did I do completely wrong to be dealt with with indifference? Or, maybe she is reminding me that she’s a cat.

What are your pets’ routines? Do you assume some thing is erroneous when they range from routines?

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