Ticks in November? Yes, and they are vicious.

Ticks in November

My son loves to sweep and rake leaves. We dwell in the woods and have a great deal of leaves, so this can go on for weeks. We stopped spraying Wondercide in the summer months and did not see any ticks due to the fact we began in Spring.

By the way, Wondercide is astounding and genuinely will work. This is an affiliate hyperlink, just simply because I have it presently set up for other things, but I’m severely endorsing it. It is cedar oil, which is nontoxic to humans, animals, and bees. It smells a bit when you first spray it, but only for a couple of hours. Then you are fantastic to go.

Ticks Immediately after the Freeze

Anyway, I discovered two big ticks on my young children After the freeze. These are grownup ticks and almost certainly on the lookout for a second feed. In fact, ticks can be energetic any time it is in excess of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and we have been having a whole lot of 60 degree additionally times these days.

And ticks really like leaf piles!

So you have to check your very little ones each and every time they play in the leaves.

What To Do When You Come across a Tick

When we obtain a tick, we clear away it right away with tweezers and cleanse the place with alcohol. Make sure you get all the minimal bits mainly because they can trigger an an infection if remaining in there. It is a fantasy that you are much more probable to get Lyme if the tick breaks.

Then we put it in a baggy and ship it to a lab for screening.

Why do we mail our ticks to a lab?

It will take months to check on your own for Lyme illness, but you can take a look at the tick instantly.

Some individuals take antibiotics anytime they get a tick. That is there option, but we don’t since we worry about antibiotic resistance and due to the fact it does a range on my physique. If you take out the tick swiftly adequate, most illnesses can not be transmitted. “In most conditions, the tick need to be connected for 36 to 48 hrs or more right before the Lyme illness bacterium can be transmitted,” per the CDC.

But we like the peace of intellect that comes from a negative tick tests. We never have to fret as well a lot about observing for signs or symptoms. If the tick does check beneficial and it was only on for a quick bit, we then check out for signs extra carefully. Testing the tick can also notify you if the tick carries other additional rare diseases you could possibly will need to look at out for.


Picture by Erik Karits