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Need a charger for your phone?

VOLTME has sent us a bunch of wall chargers to review. Ranging from a 20W
charger to a 100W charger,  there is one charger that will fit different

When getting a wall charger for your devices, there are three main things to

1 Power Wattage – This will determine the speed of your charge. The higher the
wattage, the faster the charge.

2 Types of Ports – The usual port on a charger is either a USB A or a USB C
port. Nowadays, it is more common to find USB C ports on a wall charger. The
best combination now will be one with a USB A and USB C charger, so you can
use the older cables for charging.


3 Number of Ports- If you have 2 or more ports on a 20W charger, you will get
a partial-speed charge on connected devices. On the flip side, a 100W charger
can support 3 or 4 ports without sacrificing speed. Another thing to note is
that cable plays a part too retransmitting speed. Original cables tend to
provide a more reliable charge compared to 3rd party cables.


VOLTME is a Chinese company specialising in Wall chargers, power banks, charging
cables, power stations, power strips and USB hubs. Their wall chargers are
fitted with GaN III tech that enable 3 x faster and more reliable charging.

Here are the highlights of the wall chargers in their range.

VOLTME Revo 20 Lite

Voltme Revo Lite 20W

The VOLTME Revo20 Lite charges 3x faster than the usual 5W charger. In terms
of speed, it can charge an iPhone from 0 to 50% in less than 25 minutes. It
comes with a single USB C plug and is sufficient to charge Phones, Tablets,
MP4 Players and more.

If you are using wall charger for a single device, this would be good enough
to use. This unit is light and well-constructed. Size wise, it is a tad larger
than some of the 20W in the market.

You can get the VOLTME Revo 20  from this link.

VOLTME Revo 30 Duo

Voltme Revo Duo 30W

If the size is a concern, the Voltme Revo 30 Duo will be the one to get. This
new model is 63% smaller than the current model. The portability means that
you can carry it easily in your backpack or handbag, making it a good
companion for travel, home and office. The size is almost half of the VOLTME
Revo 20

It is also powered by GaN III Tech, a high-performance upgrade that provides
safer and more reliable charging. At 30W, it is compatible with almost all
mobile devices at maximum speed. It comes with a USB-C and a USB-A Port. The
latter has a cap of 15W for charging.

You can get the VOLTME Revo 20  from this link.

VOLTME Revo 65

If you need faster-charging speed,  you can get it with the VOLTME Revo
65. A single device will be able to get a 65W Charge. This means you can
charge your MacBook Air from 0-100% in less than 2 hours, an iPhone at 3X
faster than the original 5 W charger and the MacBook Pro at full speed. It
also supports PPS for Samsung adaptive fast charging.

VOLTME Revo 65

Similar to the VOLTME Revo 30, it comes with GAn III tech. The ports provided
are 2 USB-C and 1 USB A port. Size-wise, it is a tad larger than the VOLTME
Revo 20, but with more power.

You can get the VOLTME Revo 20  from this link.

VOLTME Revo 100

If you are looking for the ultimate wall charger , the VOLTME Revo 100 will
fit the bill. With 100W, you can charge all the devices simultaneously at
optimal speeds. It has a slightly larger footprint than the VOLTME Revo 65 and
comes with GaN III Technology, allowing you to charge your devices quickly.

Which one should you choose?

In terms of size, power, cost and daily use efficiently, we would pick the
VOLTME 65 as our main charger. The capacity is good enough to warrant a decent
charging speed for up to 3 devices. In terms of size and weight, it will make
it good enough for home use and make a decent travel companion.

Check out VOLTME for the full range of products.


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TWD was provided with a set of VOLTME Chargers for review. All opinions are of our own.