What Is a Biblical Worldview? with George Barna

If you have adopted my content material for any amount of time in the last 12 months, you have listened to me communicate frequently about the jarring data connected to the shrinking percent of People who have a biblical worldview (this was specifically applicable background context for my latest e book, Faithfully Distinctive: Regaining Biblical Clarity in a Secular Lifestyle). I have published and talked about a good deal of various research and quantities, but two of the most pertinent info details are these: 65% of Individuals self-establish as Christians, but investigate on people’s genuine beliefs and habits exhibits that only about 6% have a biblical worldview. This enormous hole has several implications for the church now. 

But how accurately do scientists outline a biblical worldview? How do they get to that 6% estimate? And is it actually a dependable photograph of in which we are as the church in The us? In this episode, I get into all the particulars with the man guiding the exploration: Dr. George Barna, who is the Director of Investigate for Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Investigate Center.

Dr. Barna solutions issues such as:

  • How his staff arrived at their set of 54 inquiries (throughout 8 belief and habits groups) to measure the biblical worldview in America
  • Why behavioral thoughts are an important element of measuring worldview (and not only beliefs)
  • Regardless of whether “secondary issues” these types of as denominational specifics and views on the age of the Earth/evolution are aspect of the biblical worldview definition utilized
  • How a representative sample is chosen
  • What the parameters are for applying study answers to categorize individuals as getting a biblical vs. other worldview
  • What we can do as the human body of Christ to enhance the percent of self-determined Christians who maintain to a biblical worldview

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2017 Worldview review done by the Barna Group and Summit Ministries: https://www.barna.com/investigation/competing-worldviews-impact-todays-christians/

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Newest investigate info on the worldview of pastors:

Indicator up for study updates from the Cultural Investigation Heart:
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